The Mission is to support together
through Design and Communication a
handful of people inspired to
change a community
One house at time.

The goal is with the use of creative ideas, and design
to inspire and communicate to passersby’s, walkers, bus drivers,
children, bikers, moms, dads, bus drivers, meter maids that
through the use of creative design that all communities have stars,
and a golden egg, and our mission to give them that faith, belief
and access through neighborhood improvement projects.
Look soon to see the photo gallery of the

Simple Living Project
Contemporary Cottage Makeover

currently underway in Northern California.
Stay tuned to learn more about how
to participate
become a sponsor
vendor participation
"How To" sponsored workshops in your neighborhood
Beautificatiion Grant Programs in your community
City Tree Grant Programs
Habitat for Humanity participation

Project Open House in September 2010
Art and Wine for the Artsie and Foodie December 2010
The 1 Block Wow Factor, March  2011
Recycle and Gardening Kids Youth workshop May 2011

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sohberts is a certified and licensed design and build firm