Sunday, November 15, 2009

Try espresso in open space.

144 King St. in San Francisco is the location of a concrete single story warehouse used by various tenants, including
Intertie systems Eric Sandes; a tenant in the building who approached Bert Harris who at the time was studying the idea of a cargo container coffee bar project he saw in New York.

The result is Sohberts at 144 King St. The 1744 sq. ft. space previously used by Tsar Nicoulai Caviar was stripped of old coolers and crates, to leave just wide open space.

The concept of the space now is to appreciate it and some of the art and digital media to be shared with the public. "this space is used, and most of what went into it in respect to the economy demanded it".

"we hope that this area of SOMA supports an appreciation for this additional slice of culture we hope to share here". With Eric's background in digital home automation combined with Bert's designing the idea is to introduce people to possible art forms in a traditional building with the contemporary of music and media controls. The space will continue to evolve and while you are there do not forget to check out the Equator espresso that's being brewed atop the Redwood Bar, and the classic single speed bike with faux wood wheels from Sam at manifesto bikes in Oakland.